Sunday, September 13, 2009

24 hours to go

Well we have finally made it to the last 24 hours. I am still making lists of things to do for us and our house sitter. I just found the girls coming home outfits yesterday. I know you would think with almost 3 years of waiting I would have been more prepared. Yes, I agree and I am really not a procrastinator but, I like to be really prepared. I can say we are almost packed. Last night my dear friend Lucy stopped by to give us some Chinese money to have before we meet up with our guide she is always taking care of us.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surprise Email

Today we received an email from our agency that they had some baby pictures of "K" we think she was just amout 6 months old. We were so excited to receive these. I can't believe the amount af pictures we have gotten (approx 20) of her compared to our first adoption. Only a few more days baby and we will be on our way.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are going to China

Just 2 months after we got the call of our sweet precious daughter and now have travel approval and we are able to bring her home. I am so ready to leave. The count down of days can’t get here fast enough. We are almost packed I mostly have electronics (computer, camera, DVD, camcorder) and clothes for the orphanage left to put in. It is amazing how much room we have left over I keep getting more clothes for the orphanage to fill the gaps. “M” is so excited to be finally getting to meet her little sister, I think she thought she was never going to come. “M” has just recently asked when we go to China if she can meet her birth mother. She wants to take her money and a computer so we can talk at night to each other. Wow, we have since had a lot more talks and I am sure there are a lot more to come. All is good.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday "K"

It is our little sweeties birthday today she is "2". As much as we wish we could be with her on this day we know that she had a good time on her special day. Ann at Red Threads delivered a cake and a party package for her. We feel so blessed that we got another update and more photos and yes she is smiling again. Enjoy the photos I will post all of them on my FB page. We are hoping to receive our TA this week. That would just make this week amazing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Care Package

I decided to send a care package because "M" wanted to send her little sister something for her birthday. Her report said she loves music and likes to sing so we went to the store and bought her a microphone that plays songs and lets her sing. "M" thought she would love it she said if she was "2" that would be the BEST toy :) I also included matching outfits for babies, bibs, candies for the nannies and kids, a family photo album and a soft silky personal blanket.

Friday, August 7, 2009

LOA is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fantastic way to start the weekend. We were notified about an hour ago that they have received our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) and we should be receiving it in the morning for signatures. According to our agency they said they expect us to travel in 5-8 weeks. Hold on baby "K" here we come.

I thought I was busy before let the packing and final shopping begin. After all this time of waiting you think we would be prepared but I think there is always stuff to be done. We just got done ordering new car seats yesterday and now we are looking for the perfect bed for her room. "M" is voting for pink bunk beds. I have to admit they are adorable but I am not sold on the pink yet.

Our Time Line:

Received the call from our agency 7/9/2009
Submitted Letter of Intent on 7/13/2009
Letter of Intent went to China on 7/15/2009
Received Pre -Approval on 7/21/2009
Received LOA on 8/7/2009
Travel Approval ???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fingerprints again....

We had to go again to get updated fingerprints it is the 3rd time but well worth it. I have been just so elated lately and busy with so many thing I did not read the invitation to get our fingerprints and so the story begins. Wednesday we decided was the day that neither one of us had anything pressing to do so we got up early and headed over to Jacksonville. After a very pleasant ride we arrived at 8:15 and was surprised to see very few cars in the parking lot and no line. This was a good thing right. We headed into the building and I started to review the invitation sheets and in big black letters it gave the dates and times, It said any day but Wednesday. As we approached the doors I asked if Steve had read this and he said not really, I said guess what today is Wednesday and he replied it sure is. I followed with you know why there is no one here is because they do not take people on Wednesday. I was crushed and he was determined we were going in, so off we went. A nice security man came to the door and I so humbly explained I dropped the ball on a minor detail and he was so kind and started to chat with us and "M" then escorted us in. Well 10 minutes later we were out the door. Praise God it was a smooth morning. Then it was off shopping for clothes for the girls and nursery items. You would think after one little girl I would have everything, but I got rid of all my stuff except the crib because well I thought we were done but God had other plans for our family.

Here are some additional pictures of our beautiful girl. I can't wait to hold her and rock her. They said she is a little cuddlier. I am so glad. "M" is still a snuggler.

Our newest photo taken last week of July. I love that hair cut she has the same poky hair that "M" had. No bows for awhile.

Our favorite photo.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We got an update......

Tonight we received an email from our agency after hours of an update on our peanut. Praise be to God her issue is gone. The email was short and sweet it said she no longer has an issue. I was so thrilled I did not see there was attachments so I just stared at the computer for 3 minutes and then Steve said so what does that mean.... Then we realized there were attachements an updated picture 8/3 , medical and height, weight (she has not gained anything). We also got a small personality report and an update that she is in a Half the Sky Program.

I am on cloud 9 tonight again. I just got done ordering a care package to be sent next week. Here is hoping for more updated pictures. We received our PA 7/21 and are hoping for and LOA this week. All things are possible.

Now of to order he finding ad and history.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Much to Do Where to Start

I just finished all the next step of requirements (requesting our fingerprints again, home study is done again, and odds and end paperwork is complete). Whew, hoping we are done for awhile. Now on to the fun stuff.
Of course I have been shopping for 2 ½ years (therapy) and now it is time to organize it all. We have also been blessed with so many wonderful gifts from friends and family. What a job finding a home for everything. Steve and I have spent hours hanging up clothes by sizes organizing shoes, painting and “M” has been breaking in the toys.
I have started to shop for her care package which I plan to send this weekend. I am also sending one through Ann at Red Threads so I can get pictures back ASAP. I am not so patient these days after waiting more than 2 years.
I am praying time will fly by not that I am ready for “M” to start kindergarten, but I am ready for the girls to be together.
We started our packing list and I am already crossing things off. I keep telling myself pack light everything we need is there except our size clothes. Last time I wore XXL in their size. I was in size shock.
Before I could finish typing this update I got an email from our adoption agency and a call from our social worker USCIS has changed the rules again 2nd time this month. I said WHAT! Now what we thought was all finished we have to go back and do a complete home study update, more background checks, and a social worker visit ugh…
Adoption is definitely not for people who do not have patients. Thank goodness we have the greatest social worker and Steve knows people to get our clearances done the same day at the departments. All should be done again we hope for the last time Tuesday. Then it is waiting for USCIS to approve us with another I171H.Still praying for late September or early October travel.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The call we have been waiting for.......

It is with great joy that we can share the referral of our daughter. We received the call on July 9 at 11:20am. I was at home with"M" and I was on the line with one of my developers when the call came in you can imagine that call ended quickly. I was speechless because we had just talked with Sara 2 days before.

They told us she is a tiny girl. She is just precious and perfect for our family. We can't wait to get her in our arms. "M" is so excited to finally know that she really is going to be a big sister. She carries her picture everywhere.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family in town

My sister and her 3 children came to stay with us for a few days. It was so nice we have not had time together for a while now and it was great to go shopping and let the kids play. Shopping with 4 kids was an adventure I will tell you that. They played their little hearts out till almost 12:00 each night. I was exhausted.
Everyone is growing up so fast her little girl is 27 months and a doll. She loves her auntie who spoils her. I am the aunt all moms dread. Spoil their kids rotten but isn't that what aunts are for:). Can't wait for them to come back in two weeks to play again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Trip

We all had a great time, but as all vacations it was not long enough. "M" asked if we could move our house on the ship and she could just live with Mickey and Cinderella. Well after another week I think that would be enough for me :). She had even more fun this time because she was old enough to go to the kids club and do all the on board activities they offered.
One day we all went snorkeling and she could not believe all the fish that were swimming around her, the best part was she saw a fish that looked like Dori from Nemo. That sealed the deal for snorkeling she wanted to go everyday. The weather over all was nice not to hot we did have a little rain but what do you expect it is the Caribbean they said.
Of course the food was spectacular as always, even "A" ate off the adult menu as picky as she is. We were all amazed. Everyone came home a few more pounds heavier. So now we will just have to work harder.

The girls loved to go back to the rooms each night after dinner before the show to so see what animals would be created on their beds and how much chocolate they got. "M" loves the towel animals and played with them just like her animals.

"M" always doing an animal set-up.

Stitch had a thing for "A" I guess he likes red.

I love this picture

'M" and Dug having dinner

Catamaran and snorkling

Set Sailing Party

3-D Movie UP

Setting Sail

Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Time

I did not think this day would come. Yeah vacation time. All the projects at work are complete after months of struggling to meet requirements, dates and everything else that came up. The house is spotless and everyone is packed. I am so ready for some fun with the family. We leave in the morning I will be leaving my cell phone off (yes we could possible get the call but they know we are going to be gone) no computers. It will truly be magical with the girls, hubby and all the Disney characters. The Caribbean or Bust.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look who is turning "5"

Wow we can hardly believe our little girl is turning "5". It just seems like yesterday when she was placed in our arms and she is now turning "5". Let me tell you she is the most giddy, talkative, outgoing, girly girly you could imagine. To her there is no stranger in her life just God, friends and animals.
This years celebration started off with a Birthday party at a local Bounce House full of inflatable jumping things. The kids had a blast. The parents were all ready for a nap by the end of the day. On her actual birthday she wanted to eat dinner where they sang to her in Italian so we went to Carraba's, we are starting to think this is her favorite restaurant.

Can you say yellow. The party rooms were very feastive.